New Song and Music Video: Twin Flame

Watch Here:

Lindsay’s Statement to the Press:

"If you know about the Twin Flame phenomenon it is because you've experienced it yourself. You meet someone that you feel you've known forever. Everything changes around you: your life, your thoughts, your path and purpose. Intensely romantic or intensely painful, they are the mirror of your soul and ignite you to "wake up" to who you truly are. 

This song came to me over the summer of 2021 and was recorded and released on my Patreon not long after. Some songs you can sit on for a while, but this one was on loop every night in my head, constantly reminding me that it wanted to be birthed. Once I had connected with Phantasma Photography over Twitter, the music video followed not long after and with so much ease. It's like it was all meant to be.

After deep diving into Twin Flame experiences shared all over the globe, Chris (Phantasma) and I started drawing up the visuals for the music video. Along with Chris's unique visual style and what resources we had available, we were able to create a smokey dreamland where the two halves of the Twin Flame long to find each other again.

While I'm usually known for releasing Gothic Metal tracks, it's abundantly clear that this song, while Ethereal and Gothic, is a bit of a departure from metal. While I have plans to release more metal tracks in 2022, on Patreon I'm exploring other avenues of dark music. I am a huge fan of electronic and Trip-Hop artists like Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, and VAST and that influence shines through here.

Creating Twin Flame was a new journey with sharing the whole creative process over Patreon. It took a bit of discipline to get out of my head, slow down, and document and share every step, but my Patrons truly appreciated it and because of that I know they feel a special connection to this track too."

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